Wisconsin - Badger people know how to have fun!

Wisconsinites know how to have fun. They have this mindset engrained. They embrace fun any chance they have. They like to be silly, they love being relaxed, and they can do all that any place at any time. Badger people work hard, so when they get some free time, their minds are focused on having fun --- it’s an expression of their freedom.


It's April 23, 2008, and we had one of Wisconsin's hot dog weather days. We found some guys fishing at Timber Coulee Creek, Vernon County. This creek is well known to fly fishermen, with stretches loaded with small, wild brown trout. Old hands say it's "delicate fishing."

Neopit Mill Pond005 (1)

Never underestimate the ingenuity of kids in their zest to have fun. They have built a swimming platform from old wood and some barrels and placed it in the Neopit Mill Pond, Menominee County. Bravo!


As I wound my way on back roads through Pepin County toward Dunn County on the north, incredibly, I came upon Pepin County’s own “Field of Dreams.” My notes for this say it is located at N5889 Albany, which is located on CH W just north of the intersection with Albany W. Boy I would love to watch a game here.

Leigh Lake002

Here are two young men fishing off the pier on Leigh Lake in Oconto County. They will remember these days for the rest of their lives, and cherish them.

Lincoln 013

There’s a couple guys motoring along on the Wisconsin River through Tomahawk in Lincoln County. That’s the Bridge Inn and Motel in the background.

Lincoln 021

Camping and trailers are huge in Wisconsin. I took this photo on October 1, 2005, a weekend, and everyone is getting in their licks before it starts getting very cold. The trees are turning, you can smell the brats, and you want to stay. This site was located on the Spirit River Flowage west of Tomahawk.


I spotted this guy fishing in the Wolf River while I was on the Rt. 52 bridge crossing her near Lily in Langlade County.


Well, it looks like he had fun. The kid is laden in mud, but his ATV is clean as a whistle! I was traveling through Hatfield in northeastern Jackson County, on my way to Black River Falls, and spotted a group of ATV'ers, some of whom had just emerged from a trail, some of whom were trying to decide whether to take on the trail. It was wet, and the ATV crews told me the trails were very muddy and that several ATVs were having to be hauled out. This lad was with his dad getting fuel. It's kind of hard to figure out. The kid is one hunk of mud, while his ATV is almost spotless! Ha! He looked content.


Found these kids in the Wolf River near Hollister. I couldn’t pass them by. By my count, four kids and two dads, making memories for a lifetime. I was drooling with envy, and happy for their fun.


Beach volleyball Crandon Municipal Park Lake Metonga, August 2008, or, if you wish,


Fire up the boats on this beautiful lake. She is a 2038 acre lake in Forest County, maximum depth 79 feet. Lots of ways to access her, and/or,


Go swimming. The water is crystal clear. This is the way it oughta be!