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Watertown - absorbing, fascinating


I visited Watertown, frankly, for no compelling reason. I had heard it was about equidistant from Milwaukee and Madison, but I had no interest in visiting either on this trip. Once I started investigating the city, I found what looked like a great B&B close to town, and I was interested in getting the rest B&Bs so frequently offer. Once I got to town, the B&B did not disappoint, I was surprised by a few things I saw, and I found plenty to do in a day-long car tour and another day up at the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, about 30 minutes drive to the north. All in all, time well spent. When I got home and started to research the city. I found out a great deal about its history and some of its facilities. I found I need to go back and take in many of its historic structures which I missed in the historic downtown area, each of which is on the National Register of Historic Places. Watertown is much more than a city half-way between Madison and Milwaukee. Fascinating. May 4, 2018. Go to story.

Ledge County Park


I came across Ledge Park in Dodge County quite by chance, on my way to Horicon Marsh. I was on Hwy 28 north out of my base in Watertown, came to Horicon Town, and saw a sign to Ledge County Park. The inclusion of the word "ledge" attracted my interest so I headed east on Hwy 33 to CH TW and headed north. Watch for the signs as you will be taken through some turns. It was April, incredibly cool and windy weather, but I went into the park anyway. A sign there took me to a scenic overlook. My hiking days are over so the overlook would have to do.Ledge Park lies along the Niagara Escarpment, a natural rock ledge which divides the park into upper and lower areas and provides a breathtaking overlook of the famous Horicon Marsh and the surrounding countryside. My hiking days are over so the overlook would have to do. April 19, 2018. Go to story.

The Maiden Rock Inn, on the Great River Trail

"Where sleeping in school is cool"


The Western Uplands Geographic Region of Wisconsin extends from just north of St. Croix Falls to Wisconsin's southern border and spreads eastward in an irregular way through much of Eau Claire, Sauk, Dunn and Rock counties. It is wonderful country. I decided to spend a few days exploring the region to the north of Maiden Rock on The Mississippi River northeast to Hwy 10, eastward to Durand and south to Pepin on the Mississippi. I was most fortunate to find the Maiden Rock Inn Bed & Breakfast, owned and operated by Jennifer and Gary Peterson, the Inn's gracious hosts. I commend their website to you. Their presentation is quite professional. I'll try to supplement it as best I can. I will tell you one thing for sure: I slept like a rock at the Inn, even enjoying the trains traveling up and down the Mississippi's shoreline. April 10, 2018. Go to story.

Big Falls - Little Falls, Whatsis?


It was a very nice day in July 2017 so I decided to goof off and ride around. I didn't have any plan. After driving around aimlessly I came to the Village of Big Falls in northwestern Waupaca County. I would later learn there is a place called Little Falls just about a mile to the southeast. Big Falls is a very small community. Signs say 61, census said 57. I would later learn there is a place called Little Falls just about a mile to the southeast. Little Falls is really just a place name. It belongs to the Town of Wyoming. There is something marvelous about visiting such small villages and towns. They are usually out in a rural area, the people are almost always wonderful, and on this day I simply had a good time. January 26, 2018. Go to story.

The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park

They wrote a check to the USA, up to and including their lives


I was on my way home from the west on Hwy 10 when I came across The High Ground Veterans Memorial Park in Neillsville. I had heard about it, but never visited. I decided to stop and walk through the park.

The Park's introduction tells you this:

"The Memorial Park is a 155-acre manned veterans memorial park that pays tribute to the dead, and honors the survivors, their service, and their sacrifices. The Highground fulfills its mission of healing and education by bringing past lessons into our hopes for the future. The Highground seeks to continue to be a focus of healing for all who come, regardless of the name of the battle which left the scars. The park includes tributes to veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf (Desert Storm to present), as well as, a National Native American Vietnam Memorial, a Military Working Dog Tribute, a Meditation Garden, a handicap accessible Treehouse, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell, Effigy Mound, a Learning Center (with a library) and 4 miles of hiking trails." November 28, 2017.
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Kinnickinnic River, crawling to the St. Croix


The Kinnickinnic River is tough to say, so most people just call it the "Kinni" for short. It's 22 miles long. It rises from the springs in St. Croix County up near I-94 southwest of Baldwin, and flows southwesterly to empty into the St. Croix River in Kinnickinnic State Park about one mile to the west of the park. She passes through River Falls, which is a fun town to visit. November 23, 2017. Go to story.

Waupaca Rail Museum --- paradise for kids


A warning to all parents visiting Waupaca with their kids, especially with young boys. This railroad museum is a paradise for them. I'm 6 years old, going on 73, and I had the time of my life in here. For starters, there were two caretakers there. They'll let you wander around on your own, or give you a tour of the place. I was glad I took the tour because they took me downstairs where they have a fabulous electric train set up and more. One of the guys turned them all on, and before I knew it trains were rolling down the tracks everywhere, on two tracks in different directions. They then took me out to a caboose and showed me around its interior. Oh yes, and an old-time car barn on the way out! What a delight. September 19, 2017. Go to story.

Gallery USA


New! Chadron Region, Nebraska
January 27, 2018

Gallery USA: I served 20 years in the USAF, mostly overseas, and then ran my own business for some ten years, then lost my wife to cancer, remarried, and moved to Wisconsin. So there is much of the United States I have not seen. In fact, I am a bit embarrassed that I have seen so little. Once in a while now, according to what the budget will tolerate, I manage to go out of Wisconsin to visit our wonderful country. I have found some great places and, of course, taken some interesting photography. I confess having grown up in the east, I lean toward going west! I'd like to share these with you. Visit the Gallery.