Wisconsin’s Culture --- Neat Town Halls, where “Small is Good!”

As we've driven around the state, we've noticed terrific town and village halls where the community's business gets done without giant structures. It has struck us that these reflect the essence of our democracy.


Frankfort Town Hall, Pepin County on CH SS and CH J, close to the Chippewa River. It was established in 1858. I love this old town hall. Note the porta-potty outside!


St. Lawrence Town Hall, on the corner of Main Street and Franklin Street, Ogdensburg in Waupaca County. The town was organized in 1855.


The village of Summit Town Hall. It is in Oneida County, on the corer pf CH CC - Shepards Lane and CH H. There is largely very rural, located about eight miles southwest of Summit Lake by the way the crow flies. You'd have to take CH T west out of Summit Lake, then head south for a short but on CH H to find it.


Montello Town Hall, a town in Marquette County. The city of Montello lies within the town. The city is the county seat for Marquette County. The Fox River flows through and the city boasts the largest tree in Wisconsin!


Wyoming Town Hall in a small rural community in Iowa County, in the southwestern corner of Wisconsin. Town's population was 364 at the 2000 census. Love the exhibit out front!


McKinley Town Hall in Polk County. Its population is 328 at the 2000 census. The town was named after President William McKinley.


Grantsburg Town Hall in Burnett County. Grantsburg is known as the “Gateway to Crex Meadows” which is the largest wildlife area in Wisconsin. It is also an access point to the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.


Farmington Town Hall in Waupaca County on Hwy 54 west of Waupaca. Town was established in 1851, the township in 1853. Population is almost 4,000. The township hosts the Chain O Lakes, called “Killarneys of America.”


Montello is in east central Marquette County on the Fox River just west of Green Lake. There isa city of Montello which had a 2010 census population of 1,495.


Parrish Town Hall, in northwestern Langlade County. In the 2000 Census, she had 108 people.


Rock Falls Town Hall on the corner of Rock Falls Drive and Eggert Drive, southwest of Irma, Lincoln County.


Gingles Town Hall on Hwy 112 just southeast of Ashland, Ashland County. Population is in the 700s.


This was originally the High ridge School, built in 1920 in Ashland County. It was used as the Ashland Town hall in 2011 and looks like it is still in use in 2012.


The Village Hall, Ephraim, Door County. She may be new, but at least they preserved the old look of the town, which was originally founded in 1853.


This is the Town Hall for the Village of Wales, Waukesha County. I do not know how old she is, but she kept the architectural style of the town and is a beauty.


The Town of Milton is in Buffalo County, on Wisconsin’s western border, about 35 miles north of Lac Crosse, population 517 in the 2000 census.


Curran City Hall is in west central Jackson County, population 366 in the 2000 census.


Harding, central Lincoln County, population about 334 in the 2000 census.


Skanawan, northeast Lincoln County, population in 2000 at about 354. This Town Hall is located in CH S and H.


Benton, Lafayette County is a small community in southwest Wisconsin, very close to both Illinois and Iowa, with a population of about 1007. It was settled in 1844. This building was built in 1916.


Town of York, Clark County, CH K, population in 2000 Census at 853. The history of the township began in the late 1840s when land in Clark county was surveyed into townships. Most of the early settlers were from New York.


Colburn, Adams County at the junction of CHs G and C, just north of Hwy 21. Her 2000 census population was 181. The setting for this town hall was marvelous. Please note the memorial at the base of the American flag.




There are several Richfields in Wisconsin. This one is very small and is in Adams County, on CH G just north off Hwy 21. In the 2000 census, she had 144 residents. Please note that there is a small memorial at the base of the American flag.



The Town of Oakland is located in Highway 35 in Burnett County, northwest Wisconsin, close to the border with Minnesota. Its population is almost 800. As you can see , the Town Hall was built in 1922 and is in very good shape.


The Town of Harrison in northeast Lincoln County had 793 residents in the 2000 census. She is east of Tomahawk on CH D and south-southwest of Rhinelander in neighboring Oneida County. I was happy these guys were having lunch on the porch, as I needed gas in a hurry and they got me to station very close by. They were working on a building, a church I think, across the road.


The Town of Maxville has a population of about 380- plus or minus. It's located on Hwy 25 about 5 miles or so north of where the Chippewa River empties into the Mississippi River at the Wabash, Minnesota crossing. This town hall was built in 1910.


The Town of Peck had 354 people at the 2000 census, located in northwest Langlade County on CH C and ormsby Rd. just west of Deerbrook.


The Town of Almon had 591 people in the 2000 census, located in northwestern Shawano County, a marvelous town hall for such a small community. The Hall is located off CH D at Hilltop and Regina.


Doty Town Hall in Oconto County, population in 2000 at 249 with 120 households. This is a great town hall. Note that tall antenna. Now see this.


My guess is one of the main functions of that antenna is to serve Doty Fire & Rescue. This machine with trailer was parked alongside the town hall. Loved it.


Eland's Village Hall is located on 1st and Maple Streets. The 2000 census registered 251 residents in 93 households. The village only occupies 2.2 square miles.


Oasis is in northwestern Waushara County, on Hwy 73 near Plainfield, with a 2000 census of about 400. She needs a paint job, but is in a wonderful setting and gets away with a peeling here and there.


Village Hall in Deerfield, on Hwy 73, eastern Dane County. The town was incorporated in 1891. It is a most quaint town, deliberately so, with a population of about 1,971 in the 2000 census.


Mather is a town located in Hwy 173 on the edge of cranberry country in Wisconsin. It was named after John Mather, a lumber company manager.


The Rudolph Municipal Building is located on Hwy 34 in Wood County's northeast, just south of Portage County. The town has a population of just about 1,161 as of 2000. The Village of Rudolph is located within the town and has a population of over 400.


Hill Town Hall is on Hultman Lake Rd in the southeast quadrant of Price County, just south of Timm's Hill. Formerly a school house, this town hall still has its original chalkboards. She could use a coat of paint. Population is just under 400. Fabulous country.


Ludington Town Hall in northeastern Eau Claire County, on County D and Weggen Road. The town has about 1,000 residents.


Germania's Town Hall was originally built in 1935. This is a very small town, 2000 census at 339.


Village Hall, Town of Tigerton, Shawano County, built originally in 1905. She almost looks like she once served as a fire station as well. The town had 764 people in the 2000 census. The nearby Tigerton Dells is said to be challenging, not for rookies.


Maple Valley Town Hall and Community Center, near Suring, Oconto County. Maple Valley boasts a population of about 670. It was created in 1872, vacated in 1877 and reestablished in 1878. The nearby Maple Valley Orchards grows a wide variety of fruit.


Hackett's Town Hall is on CH K at the corner with Emery Hackett Rd., about five miles northeast of Prentice in Price County, north of Timm's Hill.


The Town of Swiss, near Danbury and very close to the border with Minnesota, had a 2000 census of 815. Legend has it that the town was named for the Brown Swiss cattle kept by the postmaster.


The Town of Ogema has a 2000 census of 882, and is located very near the highest point in Wisconsin at Timm's Hill. There are many trails here for walking, riding (bicycles or horses), cross country skiing, ATVs and snowmobiles. The community name derives from the Indian term for "chief."


The Town of Remington has a 2000 population census of 305, a small town indeed. It is located on Hwy 80 near Babcock. It is interesting to see such a small town fly the POW/MIA Flag, and good to see the American flag unfurled in the wind.


This is the Milladore Town Hall. There is a Village of Milladore, which is located entirely within the town. In the 2000 census, there were 706 residents. The Town Hall is located on Hwy 10 and CH F. Someone broke a window on the front door. Checked on her again in 2010, and the door was fixed!


As seems often the case, there is a City of Merrill and a Town of Merrill. In this instance, the city is located south of and adjacent to the town. The town's population in the 2000 census was about 3,000; the city's was about 10,000.


The Village of Aniwa, population 272 (2000 census), is located within the Town of Aniwa, population 586. The town is known as the residence of Wilbert Behn, lion tamer, lion showman, and chain-saw wood carver. He retired in September 2005, at the age of 86, though at that point he was still caring for his lions.


The Town of Tomahawk should not be confused with the City of Tomahawk, just a few miles to the northeast. The town has a population (2000 census) of 439, while the city is over 3,000.


Spirit is located in the southeast corner of Price County with a population (2000 census) of 315.


Birnamwood is a town in Shawano County with a population (2000 census) of 711. The Town Hall is shown in the top photo. There is also a Village of Birnamwood which is located mostly within the tow, but does extend into the Town of Norrie in adjacent Marathon County. It has a population (2000 census) of 795. Its Village Hall is shown in the photo below. We do not understand the "why" of this lashup. We do know that the town has two election wards and the village one in Shawano County, while the village has one ward in Marathon County. We also know that part of the village is in the 7th Congressional District of Marathon County, while another part is located in the 8th Congressional District of Shawanee County. The town was created in 1883, we're not sure about the village.