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I take a lot of digital photos around Wisconsin that seem ordinary. When I get back to the office and study them, and research them, quite often, I am totally surprised by how interesting the stories associated with the photos are. I learn a great deal and share that learning with you.

I look for interesting stories that are seldom discussed in other media. This web site is meant to show you the state through my eyes and camera lens --- the people, the land, the culture. I’m high on Wisconsin, and because of states like this, I am high on America and Americans. I’m going to have fun and learn a lot at the same time. And if you'd like to donate to this, my hobby, to help offset costs, that'll make me mighty happy! See the PayPal on the left column.

Ed Marek, editor


I'm high on Monroe County


Monroe County is between the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, marked by craggy buttes and mesas along with rugged valleys and gently rolling hills, great streams, rivers and creeks. Its geography is diverse, with part of the county in the Central Plains Geographic Province and part in the Western Uplands. Most of the small towns and villages that grew from the logging and transportation expansions remain. The land is dotted by wonderful church steeples, with towns that have a well preserved historic look and feel. Farmers here have learned to deal with the diverse landscape, and its rolling and hills and bottomlands have led to a very productive dairy industry. July 5, 2015.
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The Green Barn on Pennington Road


Suzanne Laverdiere sent me a note in March 2015 which talked about her uncle's house on Pennington Road off Hwy 8 west of Prentice in Price County. She spent a lot of time there as a youngster during the summers. She said she had not seen many such green barns in her travels and then provided me some family background on this farm and two others that were all in one family. She asked if I could go out and find the barn and send her a photo. I finally did that in late June 2015. This story shows photos I took and provides some family background. This turned out to be a lot of fun, and there are some good lessons for us. June 30, 2015. Go to story.

That damn old bridge across the Plover River


The Plover River originates in Langlade County, flows through Marathon County at which point it becomes navigable. You can usually kayak-canoe throughout Portage County before entering the Wisconsin River at Whiting. I found a good put-in point for my kayak near the town of Bevent, in the southern part of Marathon County very close to Portage County. In paddling upstream, I approached an old bridge. The river on the other side was quite wide, but it became narrow on the side where I was. That in turn created a forceful current coming at me which I was unable to penetrate. It made me so angry I returned by ground a couple days later and had a devil of a time finding it. But I did find it, and this damned old bridge got me one last time, as I walked across it. June 8, 2015. Go to story.

Tomahawk Fall Ride - A gallery from “Rumble at the River”

Lincoln 229

The year 2015 marks the 34th Anniversary of the Tomahawk Fall Ride for the Muscular Dystrophy Association that serves northern Wisconsin. As many or more than 40,000 motorcycle enthusiasts and others usually come to the event, held each September in Tomahawk, Lincoln County. There is entertainment, you get to see some of the newest motorcycles and accessories from Harley-Davidson Motor Co., and it raises money for the MDA. It is the largest local fund raiser for MDA in North Central Wisconsin. I attended the festivities named “Rumble on the River” and I have to tell you I loved it. May 23, 2015. Go to story and gallery.

Two country rides through Buffalo County


I have driven through Buffalo County in the west, along the Mississippi River, a few times, usually returning to Wausau from Minnesota. I enjoyed two fantastic rides that I wish to show you here. One was from Fountain City after crossing the bridge from Winona, the other from Nelson after crossing from Wabasha to the north northwest, both Wisconsin towns on the Mississippi. No matter how you go through Buffalo County, it will be a beautiful ride.

The entire county resides in what scientists call the Western Upland Geographic Province, also referred to as the Western Coulee and Ridges Ecological Landscape. The word “coulee” is often applied to different landforms which have valleys, deep ravines and drainage zones. It seemed to me these all apply to what I saw in Buffalo County. July 30, 2014.
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Blue Mound State Park, highest point in southern Wisconsin


I happened on Blue Mound State Park quite by accident as I was traveling through Iowa County. I was lucky, because I had spectacular weather on a mid-October day and quickly learned I was about to get a spectacular view from this hilltop perch. This is one view of Blue Mound from a park road. She rises to about 450 ft above what is known as Military Ridge. Blue Mound State Park lies right on the eastern border of Iowa County and western border of Dane County. May 15, 2014. Go to story.