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Yellowstone Trail: Transcontinental Road through Wisconsin


Back in 1912, some businessmen in South Dakota decided they wanted to create an automobile route across the US. This was long before the advent of state or federal highways. Mark Mowbry described it as a "transcontinental automobile route that ran on a patchwork of public roads supported and maintained by local businesses and groups … organized in 1912 to attract tourists traveling through towns on their way to Yellowstone Park." I came upon a small portion of it quite by accident, and learned about it again quite by accident by bumping into a man I happened to know from having done another story on a different subject. This is a story of coincidences and discovery. This will be a short story. I hope to build on it as I explore more. June 29, 2017. Go to story.

Harrison Hills


Harrison Hills in Lincoln County is only about 35 miles or so north-northeast of my home town, Wausau, yet for the 12 years I have lived here, I did not know anything about it. It is a favorite place to visit in any season. Maplets writes, "It is carved by glaciers thousands of years ago … (and) sprinkled with clear lakes, picturesque scenery, rolling hills, and moderate to difficult trails. The Harrison Hills ATV Trails flow through the lush 100,000-acre Lincoln County Forest. The trail system covers more than 40 miles and connects to the Parrish Highlands trail in Oneida County and the Langlade County trail system." I will add that it is a wonderful place if you're looking to buy a cabin, especially on the water. I was enamored with the lakes and the cabins. June 25, 2017

America, and Wisconsin, lost a statesman today


Melvin Laird, the former secretary of defense died on May 17, 2017, age 94. He grew up and attended high school in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Laird entered the Wisconsin State Senate at age 23, succeeding his deceased father.[5] He represented a legislative district encompassing Stevens Point, Wisconsin. He remained in the Senate until his election in November 1952 to the United States House of Representatives representing Wisconsin's 7th District in central Wisconsin, including the areas of Marshfield, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point. Laird was re-elected eight consecutive times and he was chairman of the House Republican Conference when Nixon selected him for the cabinet. He was known for his work on both domestic and defense issues, including his service on the Defense subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. May 2, 2017

Hudson, the Spirit of the St. Croix


I was out in the northwestern part of the state and followed the St. Croix River from its source all the way to Prescott, where it meets the Mighty Mississippi River. Part of that trip brought me into the town of Hudson, seen by its people as the "Spirit of the St. Croix, and the Western Gateway to Wisconsin. It is the westernmost city in Wisconsin. It surely is a delightful town, on the St. Croix River, and about 16 miles due east of St. Paul, Minnesota. May 20, 2017. Go to story.

The Living Room, a fun and colorful store


On my way to Harrison Hills in northern Lincoln County, driving out of Merrill on Hwy 17, I came into Gleason and one of the most charming, colorful, fun artistic gift stores I've seen in a long time. The Living Room's building on the outside has been beaten up a bit over the years, which was the first sight to attract me. But the displays on the porch were enough to cause me to stop and pay a visit. It was worth the time, though I am sure my wife would have spent hours walking around! May 14, 2017. Go to story.

Prescott, St. Croix meets the Mighty Mississippi


Prescott in Pierce County is at the confluence of the St. Croix River and Mississippi River. It is one of the oldest towns on the Mississippi, dating back to 1839. says, "You can clearly see the line where the blue waters of the St. Croix join the dun-colored Mississippi." Prescott, population about 4,000, is officially a part of the Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington MN-WI Metropolitan Statistical Area, with many residents of Prescott commuting to Minneapolis or Saint Paul for employment or education. That said, it is a quaint town with its own Wisconsin personality. May 9, 2017. Go to story.

May 14, 2017

The new dam and fish passage-way for Montello


Montello in Marquette County hosts the confluence of the Montello River, dammed in town to produce Lake Montello, and the Fox River dammed in town to produce Buffalo Lake. The Montello flows into the Fox River. The town suffered a flood in June 2008, a flood suffered by many along the Fox River. As a result, the Montello Dam was reconstructed. If you are architecturally inclined, the people building this dam used a "vibrating beam slurry wall" for the first time. Doing this over and over forms a continuous cutoff wall below the surface that we do not see. This shows the dam, and in this case water is flowing over the dam. Furthermore, you can see the steps to the right which, along with the dam, creates an environment for fish to pass on without great disturbance. I've added this to my Fox River portfolio. Go to Fox River (Wisconsin). Did you know there are two Fox Rivers in Wisconsin, one is entirely in Wisconsin, one flows into Illinois from Wisconsin! May 6, 2017

Stockholm, a new generation brings a town back to life


I was exploring the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River between St. Paul, Minnesota and La Crosse, Wisconsin to the south. I came across a fabulous little village called Stockholm. It is on Lake Pepin, which is a naturally occurring lake formed by a backup of water due to sediments from the Chippewa River just a tad downstream. Stockholm truly is a village tucked along the shores of the Mississippi. And what a delightful surprise it was. This town is a "must visit." February 19, 2017. Go to story.

Lodi, the "peaceful valley" in south central Wisconsin


Lodi means "peaceful valley." The village is located in the heart of scenic southwestern Wisconsin, Columbia County. The town is part of he Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area, just 20 minutes north of Madison. It is about four miles southeast of Lake Wisconsin, formed by the Wisconsin River. The town boasts a Historic District, two Historic residential neighborhoods and is widely known as home to Susie the Duck, a mascot for Lodi since 1948. January 25, 2017.
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Gallery USA


New! Cheyenne, Wyoming
December 8, 2016

Gallery USA: I served 20 years in the USAF, mostly overseas, and then ran my own business for some ten years, then lost my wife to cancer, remarried, and moved to Wisconsin. So there is much of the United States I have not seen. In fact, I am a bit embarrassed that I have seen so little. Once in a while now, according to what the budget will tolerate, I manage to go out of Wisconsin to visit our wonderful country. I have found some great places and, of course, taken some interesting photography. I confess having grown up in the east, I lean toward going west! I'd like to share these with you. Visit the Gallery.